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Insights Quick Tips
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Although these tips are very simple, applying them will allow you to have a more seamless and efficient user experience with Headset Insights.


To increase your screen space and to enhance your viewing experience, simply click on the "hamburger" button in the top left corner. This will hide or show the side navigation menu.




Throughout Headset Insights you will find "?" icons around some of the metrics. For additional information on each metric hover over the "?". These tooltips provide a brief explanation and context for each metric. 





Viewing multiple items in a table such as segment breakdown for edibles can be a bit noisy. Some of the top selling items could possibly be overshadowing the performance of other items. To filter out some of that noise you can select/deselect the items you wish to remove in order to drill into those other items.





Even faster, simply press and hold Alt + click the desired item to quickly view that specific item only. To add the other items back into the chart just repeat the above and click on the same item. This applies to all charts when multiple items are displayed in the legend.





You can take advantage of the search bar to quickly navigate to details on a specific brand, category, products, and more. Simply type it in.





Easily access details for a specific item by clicking on the product in the table or by clicking the 3 dots (where present) for additional options as well. 



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