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Insights Quick Tips

Although these tips are very simple, applying them will allow you to have a more seamless and efficient user experience with Headset Insights. **INCREASING SCREEN SPACE:** To increase your screen space and to enhance your viewing experience, simply click on the "hamburger" button in the top left corner. This will hi…

Bridge Quick Start Guide

Headset Bridge is a vendor-retailer intelligence tool designed for vendors (brands, growers) and distributors (inventory, brand, distribution, ops managers) who aspire to improve their retail operations towards efficiency and growth. Headset Bridge offers real-time operational data, trends and actionable insights for …

Insights Premium Quick Start Guide

**OVERVIEW:** Headset Insights is a competitive intelligence tool designed for operators, brands, LPs, investors and anyone in the cannabis value chain who wants to analyze the competitive landscape, identify opportunities and get a competitive edge. It offers real-time market data, trends and insights, from sales, t…

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