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Average Markup

Definition: How much profit is going to cover the costs. Note: An average of markup at a product level Equation: average of (Gross Margin / Costs) or average of (Profit / Costs) Example: Retailers want to see average markup to be over 100%. If it is over 100% the profit of the sale has covered the cost. If the valu…

Average Cost per Unit

Definition: The average cost amount for a product or an aggregated level of products Note: This only includes products that have costs Equation: Total Costs / Total Units Example: Average Cost per Unit gives the retailer the opportunity to see if costs for a product or a group of products is getting too high. Seein…

Average Item Price

Definition: The average amount the product was sold for. The amount someone, on average, paid for a product. Note: Takes discounting into consideration but not cost of goods. Equation: Total Revenue / Total Units Example: Average Item Price is used to understand how much people are paying for a product or an aggreg…

In Stock Average Units per Day

Definition: This is the average number of units sold per day when the product was in stock. Note: Out-of-stock days are not included. Also needs a date filter to determine what date range we are taking an average of. Equation: Total amount sold / days in stock Example: This metric is used in a lot of other calculat…

Aggregations of In Stock Average Units per Day, Estimate Days Remaining, Minimum Suggested Order

Click [here][1] for an explanation of aggregations of: * In Stock Average Units per Day * Estimated Days Remaining * Minimum Suggested Order [1]:

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