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Assigning Account Reps

The first thing to do is to ensure that your sales team is set up in Bridge. If they are not, please reach out to us using the chat bubble below or by emailing Support so we can assist with that. Once your sales team is set up and active in Bridge you can begin to assign them to their respective stores by following the steps below.


1. Log in and open Headset Bridge




2. From the Overview dashboard, scroll down and select MANAGE ACCOUNTS





3. From the ACTIVE list select the store you wish to assign an account rep to.





4. In the Manage Account Details Panel navigate down to the ACCOUNT OWNER dropdown and select the appropriate account rep. Once selected click APPLY.





Once your sales team has been assigned to stores you are now ready to take advantage of the Account Rep Report. You can also filter by Account Rep in the Overview Dashboard as well. 


In addition to this, your sales team can now filter by their accounts and even set up favorites to quickly access the reports that are relevant to them.

Account Rep Report:







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