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In Stock Days

Definition: This is the total number of historic days in the selected date range filter in which the product was in stock. Note: For when the product was in stock. Used when there is a date filter. Equation: count distinct of days, where the product was in stock, if a product was out of stock at the end of the day, …

Estimated Days Remaining or Days Supply

Definition: How many days of stock do you have in inventory before you are all out of stock. Note: This uses the current units on hand in the equation. The average number of units sold per day is when the product was in stock and the amount of days that are used for that average is determined by the date filter. Equ…

Aggregations of In Stock Average Units per Day, Estimate Days Remaining, Minimum Suggested Order

Click [here][1] for an explanation of aggregations of: * In Stock Average Units per Day * Estimated Days Remaining * Minimum Suggested Order [1]:

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