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Pulse - Market by Category

To access the Pulse dashboards, select Insights Pulse in the upper left hand corner of Insights. Pulse is available to everyone, everywhere, for free! ![][1] **When / How to use this dashboard** This dashboard will answer the question, ‘How are all categories performing within this market?’ This dashboard will hel…

Top Vendors by Category

To identify your top vendors within a specific category, such as concentrates, drill into that specific category by clicking on its associated ellipsis (...). [![][1]][1] You'll then have the option to look at "Inventory Coverage" or "[Category] Details" [![][2]][2] Choose "[Category] Details." You'll then be dir…

Top Products by Category

To identify your top-performing products per category, navigate to the "Location" dashboard. [![][1]][1] Choose your desired date range and store location from the top filters. After applying your filters, scroll down to the "Top Products" table. First, click on the "Category" header to sort by category (much like …

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