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How Do I Connect With My Vendors?

_**Do you want to reduce the number of phone calls from suppliers, to ask about their inventory? Here's how to let them check their levels remotely.**_ # **How can I help my vendors monitor their own stock levels?** Your vendors have a strong interest in your success. To help ensure inventory levels are set correctl…

Setting Product Status - Remove SKU's From Calculations & Projections

So, you have a product that is displaying in Bridge and it's no longer being produced or it's a sample. How do you prevent that from impacting your Bridge metrics? Simple. Update the product status. To update the product status follow the steps below. 1. Navigate to either the Account Details or Account Inventory …

Assigning Account Reps

**The first thing to do is to ensure that your sales team is set up in Bridge. If they are not, please reach out to us using the chat bubble below or by emailing Support so we can assist with that. Once your sales team is set up and active in Bridge you can begin to assign them to their respective stores by following …

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