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Bridge: Schedule Emails

**This feature allows you to easily send a snapshot of an entire dashboard. Simply choose your desired format and email frequency. This feature is available on most dashboards. ** **![][1]** **Easily manage scheduled emails by selecting SCHEDULED EMAILS under MY REPORTS. Here you can quickly see the details for each…

Schedule Daily Emails for ONE of Your Stores

_Tired of receiving emails from all of your stores, when you just care about one?_ To schedule daily emails that reflect sales from a particular store location, open your Retailer 3.0 platform and navigate to your **“Location” **dashboard. Using the top three filters, choose “Yesterday” from the “Date Range” filter,…

Sending & Scheduling Dashboard Emails

# _**With Retailer you can send and schedule regular emails to colleagues or vendors.**_ # Want to share your dashboards with your team or vendors? With Headset Retailer it's now easier than ever to send powerful, visual or data-driven reports based on your dashboard settings. Configure your filters, toggle the dat…

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