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Bridge: Sending Connection Requests to your Retail Partners

**Do you want to add a new store to your Bridge subscription? To do this you can:** 1. **[Log in][1] to Headset** 2. **Go to Bridge > Manage > Manage Accounts** 3. **Click on the "Invite" tab** 4. **Click on "Invite Account"** 5. **Enter in your Retail Partner's Store Name and select the location name f…

Sending Location-Specific Emails

**_Share data with your team and learn how to configure updates, your way._**

Identifying Important Vendors

**_Quickly identify your top-ranking vendors so you know which relationships to prioritize._**

Retailer: Impact Analysis

**Impact Analysis ** **Your go-to tool for A/B testing. ** **How to use this report? ** **The Impact Analysis tool is modeled off of Facebook's open source forecasting procedure called Prophet, which has extensive documentation [here][1]. The tool works by creating a predictive sales trend and comparing that predic…

Schedule Daily Emails for ONE of Your Stores

_Tired of receiving emails from all of your stores, when you just care about one?_ To schedule daily emails that reflect sales from a particular store location, open your Retailer 3.0 platform and navigate to your **“Location Details” **dashboard. Using the top three filters, choose “Is Previous Day” from the “Date …

Downloading Data

_**How To Download An Entire Dashboard**_ ![][1] _**How To Download A Single Table or Visualization**_ ![][2] [1]: [2]:

Measuring Daily Profit & Loss

__Learn how to keep tabs on your daily performance with a quick glance at your profits and margins. __

Stock Coverage Ratio - Metrics

_Inventory Coverage Ratio Visual Aid_ [![][1]][1] [![][2]][2] [1]: [2]:

Interpreting Category Sales

__Learn how to identify product categories resonating with your customers.__

Top Vendors by Category

To identify your top vendors within a specific category, such as concentrates, drill into that specific category by clicking on its associated ellipsis (...). [![][1]][1] You'll then have the option to look at "Inventory Coverage" or "[Category] Details" [![][2]][2] Choose "[Category] Details." You'll then be dir…

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