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Insights Pulse Quick Start Guide
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Headset Insights Pulse is a competitive intelligence tool designed for operators, brands, LPs, investors and anyone in the cannabis value chain who wants to analyze the competitive landscape, identify opportunities and get a competitive edge. It offers market data, trends and insights to empower users to answer questions about which categories are selling the best, averages prices, and how the market is growing.


We source our data from our retail partners' point of sale systems. This data is then scrubbed by a series of machine learning algorithms and data entry specialists to assign each product to our product catalog. After the data has been cleaned it goes through additional statistical procedures to reduce things like sampling bias, the impact of outliers, and remove occasional data anomalies. Further, the data is combined with other data such as sales numbers from government agencies or publicly available financial statements. After this process, the data in our sample is forecasted out to represent the total (pre-tax, post-discount) recreational cannabis sales in each of our Insights markets. In other words, you are seeing the amounts the customer pays at checkout before taxes. Our sample is constantly monitored to ensure that we have a statistically significant and accurate representation of the total population.


This quick start guide covers:

  • All Market Overview
  • Category Overview
  • Market by Category


This dashboard is to get us familiar with the total markets, including how large they are, what types of products are selling, how prices are distributed between states and a few select categories, and which markets are seeing more growth.


This dashboard will answer questions like:

  • How large is the CA market? Is it growing faster or slower than NV?
  • Has growth changed this year vs. last year (is growth faster or slower/is growth accelerating or decelerating)?
  • How does each market discount - what is the typical discount in AB vs. CA?
  • What day of the week do we see driving sales?  Is CO different than WA in terms of which days are leading sales volume?
  • What time of day are shoppers in stores? 
  • Which categories are the largest in each market?  Do consumers in WA spend more of their cannabis wallet on beverages than consumers in NV?
  • Which market has the highest/lowest prices?  Does NV have higher priced vapes but WA has higher priced pre-rolls?



This dashboard allows you to familiarize yourself with a particular category and enables you to compare that category’s performance across markets including things like sales volume and growth, market share, and pricing.


This dashboard answers questions like:

  • What is the total sales for Flower in each market?  Is one market much larger than the other?
  • Which markets are seeing the most growth year-over-year in a given category (are Pre-Rolls growing quickly in CA but not NV?)
  • Which market has the highest market share for a given category and how has that changed over time?
  • What is the average item price and average discount in each market for a given category?
  • How are prices different between markets and is that changing?
  • Which day of the week do we see a given category have more sales?



This dashboard is used for us to dive further into a certain market and look at category performance across that market. 


This dashboard answers questions like:

  • What is the month-over-month growth in total sales the last two years?
  • How heavily discounted has the market been and is that discount growing over time?
  • Is the change in sales volume due to unit volume or changes in price?
  • What categories are dominating the market and has this been consistent over time?
  • Have all categories seen the same growth year-over-year within the market?
  • Are sales consistent throughout the week? Which are the high performing days, and what category is being sold the most on that those days?
  • What is the average price of Vapor Pens within this market? What is the discount percentage the consumer is used to seeing within this market for any category?
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