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Pulse - Market by Category
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To access the Pulse dashboards, select Insights Pulse in the upper left hand corner of Insights. Pulse is available to everyone, everywhere, for free!

When / How to use this dashboard

This dashboard will answer the question, ‘How are all categories performing within this market?’ This dashboard will help you compare size, growth, discounts, unit volume, average items prices, and more across multiple categories for a single market at a glance. All of the graphs and charts include data for the previous 2 years, where available, and include the following visualizations:

  • Use the Selected Market Month over Month Growth Size graph to answer the question, ‘How are sales rising or falling month by month for the past 2 years?’ You’ll see market size reflected in the vertical bars in millions as reflected in the left axis. And the dark line shows the percentage change from the previous month. Hover over a vertical bar to read the sales for a particular month. Mouse-over a point on the dark line to measure the percent difference from the previous month.

  • The Total Sales and Total Discounts By Selected Market shows discounts stacked on top of sales for the previous 2 years. This will answer the question of, ‘What are the discount percentages of total sales over the past 2 years, and are discounts as a percentage of sales rising or falling? This will help you understand a little bit about demand as you view discounts expanding and contracting on top of total sales over time.

  • Selected Market Units and Average Item Price will answer the question of, ‘How does unit volume relate to Average Item Price?’ Unit volume is shown in the vertical bars in millions along the left vertical axis, while the Average Item Price (AIP) is shown in the dotted line and the right vertical axis.

  • Select Market Sales by Category provides a visual comparison of all 9 categories by relative size over the last 2 years. The left axis shows the total size for the market, and you can hover over any of the category lines to see the size of a particular category at any month in a popup. The legend along the bottom shows the color coding for each of the lines.


  • Selected Market Growth by Category will reveal the total sales for each category for the most recently closed month and the month before that. Also, we show the same month from a year ago. We’re addressing the question, ‘How did sales in this category perform for the last closed month compared to the previous month AND the same month from a year ago?’ So in this case we’re seeing category sales levels in April as compared to March of this year along with April of the previous year. The arrows represent the percentage growth between periods where a value less than 100% would mean contraction.

  • Day of Week Performance by Category for Selected Market shows a stacked bar chart for each day of the week. The color coding shows the relative size of each category's sales by weekday. You can toggle a category off or on by clicking on it in the legend. This chart will answer the question, ‘Which categories are strongest on each day of the week?’. Hover over any colored area to see sales for the previous 2 years in that category on the day in question.


  • Selected Market Percent Discount and Average Price by Category shows a vertical bar representing the average item price for each category. The left vertical axis shows the average item price (AIP) in local currency, and the right vertical axis shows the average discount. We show the average discount level with a darker square shape on each vertical bar. This addresses the question of how the average item prices compare across categories and which categories are more likely to have sales driven by discounts.

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